Does good sex mean a good relationship?

Posted on: January 27, 2012

Sexual satisfaction is a growing necessity  amongst couples in order to have good relationship. In the past simply being nice and sweet, open and honest, a good cook, and having a secure job made your mate feel happy in the relationship. But, things have changed recently and  in 2012 you need to be flexible, kinky, hung, and really be able to “rock the boat”  in order to keep your man or woman happy in the relationship. 

But, hold up, hold up, holdup!!! Is what makes a person sexually satisfied really related to kinkiness and size, or is there more to the story? Could it be more than the size of the boat and the motion of the ocean? Relative research has actually been done on this topic and concluded that sexual satisfaction in married couples is related to positive affirmations given to the partner. In other words, having a intimate relationship that is full of support, affection, and warmth increases sexual satisfaction, which in-turn increases relationship satisfaction.  

So maybe we are just tricking ourselves into thinking that we really like having sex with someone, when we are really in-love with that person and love the way they treat us.  Maybe, because we don’t like feeling vulnerable, our defenses are up and we concentrate on the shallow physical feelings that our partner gives us rather than the deeper emotional feelings. We all do know that it is a lot easier to hangout in the shallow part of the pool than in the deep end.

Is sex really a deal breaker?

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