Fly Away Butterfly

Posted on: January 28, 2012

Oh so I see,

What you want you have already had

What you seek, you have already seen

Your need was once satisfied but now no longer

So you hunger…

Maybe even wonder…

Wonder if you could ever get it back again

Hiding your true feelings and saying, “I just want to be friends”

Hunger for what was

Not realizing that what was, is still a “was”

And will never be an “is”, even if Webster made an editorial correction and changed the definition

So keep longing

Keep waiting

Stay in that state of mental larva

Only knowing what you know and pretending like what was, is

Never feeling the growing metamorphiszing into a stage 2 caterpillar

That growing, growing, growing, into eventual butterfly

And eventual Knowing, knowing, knowledge of reality and life

But butterflies only live less than a short year

So, maybe this is your fear

That maybe your one year will be hard and lonely

But the key word is “live”

And this “live” is what should be your “is”

Remember, few get the change to live as beautiful as a butterfly

Less get the chance to fly

But if you really want to live

Fly away butterfly, fly

– not the donny –

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