“I will always love you”

Posted on: January 31, 2012

After a break up have you ever told someone that you will always love them? Has anyone ever told you that they will always love you? Did you mean it? Did they mean it? Forever is an awfully long time, don’t you think?

As Lovers, we have this fairy tale idea that our love will infinitely live on for someone. But, as the fairy tale ends so can the love, and contrary to many Lover’s beliefs that’s ok. As falling in love with someone is a natural process, so is falling out of love with someone. So why do we feel the need to say, “I will always love you”? It’s possible that we hold on to this feeling because feeling loved, or giving love, is an almost euphoric feeling that we just don’t want to give up on. We want the euphoric feeling to continue in our hearts for as long as possible. Maybe we use the saying out of guilt? Guilt from our dissipating love of someone and for breaking up. It’s quite possible that saying, “I will always love you” has simply become cliche’, and the thing to say when you don’t know what to say.

Lover’s tend to fight on to their claim of always loving someone and will rationalize it. Some rationalizations are knowing someone for so long, going through a lot with someone, or being each other’s “first”. Although these are very valid reasons for loving someone forever and ever, why would we want to? Why not channel that energy into new relationships or into simply loving ourselves. Why is it taboo to try to stop loving someone, especially someone who doesn’t love us or deserve our love?

Lovers, it’s ok to stop loving someone. It’s totally fine to let go. It’s even necessary if you want to begin a new love. It’s not fair to blend our old love with our new love, and the two often make a dangerous and confusing concoction. Lover’s, be real to yourselves and to other’s when using this line. It can lead others to hold on to something that is not there, and it can prevent ourselves from seeing what is available to us. Lovers, when you do love, love with passion, love with dedication, love with vulnerability, and love dangerously.

3 Responses to "“I will always love you”"

I have said this to someone and I will proceed to defend myself lol. I do think I will always love this person, but more in a ‘I will always want them to be happy and healthy and the best for them kind of way’ in a way that you love a friend or family member. (maybe to a lesser degree than my family members though) but perhaps for some this is hard to understand. And it is rather recent break up (well about 3 months after a few years of being together) so my feelings might change and maybe i will forget this person entirely one day, but they will always have been a signifcant part of my life.

I’ve used this a couple of times. Once with the hopes of lessening the blow of a break up. Once when I really thought I meant it.

This one is by far my favorite…. Who’d of thunk it?!?!

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