Why men have it tough Part I

Posted on: February 1, 2012

Ladies, give men a break because this is why men have it tough.

1. Women say they want a man that is taller than them. But they are not talking about their god given height, they are talking about their height after putting on 5 inch heels.

2. Women are allowed to drive their man’s car but men are ridiculed for driving their momma’s.

3. Men need to have a job and career but women are allowed to be “in between jobs”.

4. Men have to open doors, pick up the bill, and buy flowers, while women just have to smile and say “thank you”.

5. Women have the luxury of using make-up to hide their little imperfections, or to accentuate their beauty to attract the opposite sex.

2 Responses to "Why men have it tough Part I"

yep, what you have described is female privlege, I think you find that men might have a fair few priveleges too lol.

Yes, men have even more privileges than women.

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