Celebrating Valentine’s “Day”

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day is a day where Lovers are  supposed to show their  special someone just how much they love them.  But, why dedicate just a single generic day to our lover. Why go to dinner and buy a gift on a day where everyone else is doing the same thing.  Besides didn’t we just buy a gift for our lover for Christmas, and kiss them at midnight on New Year’s Eve. That is not love. Love is surprising, love is special, love is spontaneous, and love is genuine, all the things Valentine’s day is not. Valentine’s day has become a day where Lovers feel contrived and obligated to try to create a special moment. It also has  become a day where false hopes of are given out due to the many obligatory dates on this day.

True Lovers know that when we love someone we  show them everyday. We listen, reciprocate, understand, and share everyday. We do the little unique things that our lovers want, like, and need in order to show them h0w much we care. We fight for their love, and we are dedicated to their love.

Lovers, if you are celebrating Valentine’s day this February 14th, make sure to celebrate it everyday.

2 Responses to "Celebrating Valentine’s “Day”"

I love this. Valentine’s Day seems to cause more trouble than anything, so much obligation and pressure for lovers, so much bad feelings for singles. Such a dodgy holiday lol

Yes! I agree totally. But i have to guiltily admit i still like to celebrate it.

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