Love Cynic

Posted on: February 12, 2012

Love is being thrown around way too much these days. People are thinking and claiming that they are in love when they don’t even know what love entails.  They don’t understand how they’re supposed to treat someone when in love, or even how they’re to be treated back when someone says they love them. This is why I’m a love cynic :

There is no such thing as love at first site. Shut up! Go up to the next person you think you have fallen in love with at first site and tell them you love them. See what madness ensues.

Cupid is stupid. Who in the world put this little, flying white boy in charge of love? The cartoonish mythology of Cupid is ruining children’s ideal of love. Children are growing up believing that love takes no effort, when in fact it is the total opposite.

Who ever created the “♥” as a symbol of love? It makes no sense, why not use a real heart to represent a heart instead of using something totally arbitrary like this crap —>“♥” 

Valentine’s day is the most generic, socially made up day there is. What are we really celebrating here? True love doesn’t need a Valentine’s day, or roses, or diamonds.

Why is it that only after you cheat or loose someone that you realize how much you love them? That’s like committing suicide and then realizing how much you loved your life. Love should have prevented the adultery.

A broken heart did not cause my cynicism towards love. Seeing the way others treat love did.

Lovers, use my cynicism of love to either strengthen your’s or dissolve your’s.

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A rightful cynic…

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