Sex on the first date is a good thing.

Posted on: February 22, 2012

If you are reading this blog article you have clearly had sex on a first date before or are comtemplating it in the near future. For those of you who have, I would like to congratulate you for thinking out of the box and living in the moment. For those of you who are contemplating some first date loving or for those of you who feel guilty for doing it in the past, this blog is intended to give you the benefits behind first date sex.

As a caveat, let me start off by saying that first date sex is not the same as one night stands. Although not necessarily a bad thing (which will be explained in a later blog), the difference between the two is that in a one night stand sex occurs after briefly meeting a random person whom we hope to never see again. During first date sex some courting is invlovled and the initial intention is to develop a possible relationship. Below are reasons to get-it-in on the first date:

First date sex is not a relationship killer. It infact can be the opposite. You can build instant chemistry with someone that can be a catalyst for a relationship in the future.

For many of us getting-the-draws is the goal of date. Like any good friend, parent, or pastor will tell you, reach for your goals!

A lot of information comes from first date sex. Aside from the sexual information, we can tell how much fun we can have with a person, how open they can be, how adventurous and whether or not they snore.

Having sex on the first date is like farting on the first date. Be open, be yourself and test the waters.

Less time is wasted when you have first date sex. We instantly know what we are getting ourselves into, in-terms of the bedroom. Yes they say that waiting keeps the challenge going but, why not complete the challenge as soon as possible?

So go ahead ladies and gentlemen go to that dinner, watch that movie and culminate the night with sex.

4 Responses to "Sex on the first date is a good thing."

haha! i love this blog! thts awesome stuff. i thot i ws the major slut 4 doin tht n hav always blamed myself for doin it wit my ex bt u no wat.. thts jus the spirit of adventure tht i love in myself:)
bt remind the kids (everyone) to do it safe..:))

Glad you liked the blog

Yes everyone, BE SAFE WHILE LOVING!!!

Sometimes half the fun is waiting and chasing.. Does he want to have sex with me? Do I want to have sex with him? I love the suspense. Then if he’s shit and I am not that interested in him yet, then I’m not going to give him a second chance!

Ha! As you shoudl

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