Posted on: March 1, 2012

Lovers, on our lonely nights when we don’t feel like sleeping alone who is the first person you think about calling. More than likely the answer is an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. We all are guilty of doing it. We all even want and crave it from time to time. But, what makes ex-sex so good? What makes us want to make get-it-on with someone we broke up with and really can’t stand being around for very long? NotTheDonny tries to explain below.

Comfort – Having sex with someone we know and have had sex with many times before is far more comfortable and easier than with someone new.

Familiarity – We are already familiar with our ex’s  body, sexual habits and their bedrooms. We know how they kiss and their favorite position.  More importantly they are also familiar with our’s.

Safety – If we were smart, we already know what our ex has and doesn’t have. So no future crabby surprises, hopefully.

No Expectations – OK maybe just one expectation and that is sex. Besides that you know where you stand relationship wise (hopefully), and both know that there is going to be no drama in the morning.

Passion – Although only for a brief moment,  we get to relive a moment of passion that once existed between you two. Although short lived, this passion satisfies us both physically and emotionally, and may be just what the doctor ordered.

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