When Cupid’s Aim is Off, You Wait…

Posted on: March 8, 2012

When Cupid’s arrow misses its mark and hits the person next to you, what do you do? Some will want take the  aggressive route, beat their chest and let themselves, and their feelings, be known. But, when Cupid’s magic is already in process this chest beating does nothing, and may even have an opposite intended effect.

When love is already in process sometimes you just have to let love run it’s course and WAIT. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. At the same time, sometimes the one you want isn’t ready to love you back. For what ever reason, their mindset and energy is not ready for what you have to offer, even if you know it is exactly what they want and need.

In order for someone to love us back they have to be ready to love. Their own mind has to be clear, their heart has to be open and their energy thriving.  Sometimes it’s not that they don’t see us in the light of love, it’s just that their spotlight is shining on other things. Yes, sometimes their spotlight can be on someone else but, sometimes the spotlight is simply completely unfocused with it’s glare spread across many different things.

WAITING IS NOT GIVING UP. After all waiting is an action verb. Waiting can be used as a form of what Not The Donny likes to call subconscious courting. With the intended target’s spotlight unfocused on us, we can slowly guide to light our way by being a friend, or by saying the occasional hello,  by simply listening when they speak or by merely being in their presence. By doing so our target will slowly get to know us and see what we are all about. They will get to know our personality, what type of friend we are, what type of person and even how we love. They will become naturally comfortable around us. As the light shines brighter on us, it is then up to us to recognize the right time to beat our chest.

Lovers, Waiting is not giving up!

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