Sexy Power

Posted on: March 16, 2012

Sex is every man’s kriptonite and every woman has the power.  But, women have quickly given up the power they once had over supermen and are finding sex just as weakening. The playing field is pretty much even at this point and sex is just a strong a motivating force for women as the bible itself. 

Sex affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally. We get horny (mentally) , get  hard, and/or wet (physical). We ejaculate and orgasm (physical) and then all we want to do is cuddle afterwards for emotional comfort.

Sex affects our actions, decisions, and how we treat others. Sex affects our decisions of what we do, what clothes we buy, where we go for fun, and how much money we spend. Sex also affects how we treat others. We all have to be honest with ourselves and admit that when we are attracted to someone we are a lot more friendlier, outgoing, and put up with more shit.

Sex affects what type of person we are, how much we are in love, and how much we are willing to take. The more sexual a person is,  the more they are considered to be a risk taker and spontaneous. I’m sure we all can agree that good sex makes falling in love and sustaining love that much more easier. In addition, let us not forget the power of make-up sex in a relationship.

Sex helps us get jobs and promotions, and can also cause us to lose our jobs. It doesn’t hurt to be pretty in the professional word. Looks can mean a lot when you are standing in a boardroom representing a company, or modeling for a product. Getting caught up sleeping with co-workers or in sex scandals has caused many, such as politicians, to lose jobs and end careers.

Sex affects what we buy, what we watch, and who we follow on twitter. We buy things, such as cars, clothes, underwear, that make us look sexier. We love watching sexuality or pretty people on tv and in movies. Moreover, we all have that one twitter crush that we follow and who we don’t even know in real life.

Sex affects how much we love ourselves and how much we think our lovers love us. Some of us gain personal confidence and self esteem from how our sexual organs look and how good of a lover we think we are. We also think our lovers love us even more when we can satisfy them sexually and knock their socks off.

Sex even affects conservatives, nuns, and virgins. They are all using energy in order to stop their natural, physiological urges. They drive around everyday in cities like LA and see the billboard advertisements and have to pray to the spirits above for forgiveness for looking at skin and thinking of skin. Ok, maybe not.

The familiar old adage is that, “Sex Sells”. As true as this may be sex does a lot more than sell. Sex motivates, inspires,  guides, and empowers. It’s perfectly OK to be weakened by the force of sex as long as we are aware of what is making us weak. The knowledge of what makes us weak can only make us stronger.

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