Chivalry is an Orphan

Posted on: March 22, 2012

Quick history lesson. Chivalry originally comes from the French term “Horseman”, and it referred to the nobility, honor, and spirit of treating others in a courteous fashion. Contemporary usage of the word has it referring to men properly treating women in a courteous,  “woman’s first” fashion.

Chivalry today is much different than it has been in the past. Back in the day chivalrous men would open doors, pay for dinner, and help a woman take off their coat because they took pride in being a gentleman. They would treat each chivalrous act as a gift to the women in their lives, expecting nothing in return. Chivalry was a necessary quality in a man that women looked for.

Chivalry has gone from meaning “Horsemen” to meaning “Horseshit”! Women unknowingly killed chivalry. Like a baby dropped off at an orphanage in a basket, women left chivalry unwanted, unnurtured, rejected, and undesirable.  Women don’t look for chivalry anymore. If they did they would demand, expect, and seek chivalry. But, something else has seemingly distracted a woman’s eyes in 2012.

It has been said that “girls are the new boys”. This may very well be true. Women these days are more  independent, sexual, proud, and confident (as they should be). But, some women have grown to feel that they don’t need a man to do anything for them, materially or emotionally.  So they look for and find men who can’t and aren’t willing to do anything for them. Trouble then ensues when a woman falls in love with the man who can’t and won’t do anything for them. Their guards are let down and they  become hurt when the man is not reciprocating the trust, love, and affection in the relationship. The blame is then put on all men and on chivalry being dead.

Women, please stop saying that chivalry is dead. Chivalry is not dead. You are just not looking for it anymore. Be honest with yourself. If you were, you would be dating that super nice, sweet, loving, boy that you pushed into your “friend zone”, or you would have at least given him a chance. Yeah you know the one that always has your back, who asks about how your day was, and listens to all your complaints. But, no instead you have been dating the opposite and even have a baby daddy with a police record.

I mean,  think about it. Women have all gone through their stage of loving a “thug”, “bad Boy”, or “tough guy”. There are no qualities of chivalry in these types of men. So in liking these types of men what are women telling men? To lose the nice act and get a tattoo?

Women,  learn yourself and then know yourself. If you’re dating a bad boy and are in love with a bad boy, don’t complain about chivalry being dead. That’s like buying a range rover and expecting to get 40 miles per gallon. It ain’t gonna happen. Stop confusing yourself and stop confusing us men. We are already easily confused.

Chivalry is an orphan that needs to be adopted in 2012. It needs to adopted into women’s needs and into what they are looking for. It needs to be loved, nurtured, needed, and respected. Although elusive, if women really wanted chivalry they could find it.

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