I broke up with them because: they didn’t eat sushi

Posted on: March 30, 2012

They didn’t eat sushi. They didn’t eat Indian. They didn’t eat Greek. Their idea of eating something new was trying that new Dorritos taco from Taco Bell. Yes, I broke up them because: they didn’t eat sushi.

Before you think I’m crazy allow me to explain. Sushi to me represented much more than spicy tuna and rainbow rows. It represented being open minded and willing to try something different, new, and unique. The key word here is “TRY”, and they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of introducing themselves to a new taste as if they could never say bye to it. But, it wasn’t just taste buds we are talking here. They were just so stuck in their ways and refused to ever go out of her comfort zone. They wouldn’t want to travel to unfamiliar cities, try new sporting activities, see a new up and coming band, or even go beyond the 3 generic sex positions (doggy, cowgirl, and missionary).

Anything I suggested new was immediately dismissed like a 5’2” guy in the club. As soon as they heard the word “TRY” in a sentence they cringed and and would say, “You know I don’t do things like that.” Things like what!? Eat? Explore? Adventure? Do something different? It’s not even like I wasn’t going to pay for everything either.

Sometimes you just have to spice things up in a relationship and try new things. Sometimes it’s just good to go on a little adventure and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you just want to try a new sexual position just to say you have done it before.

Lovers, spice things up a bit. Try that new exotic restaurant. Travel to somewhere where they don’t speak English or have a McDonalds. Watch that kinky porn and do whatever they do in it.  Have fun. Doing the same things over in a relationship makes a relationship boring and stagnant. You always want to look for new things to do together to help keep the love juices flowing and fresh. Keep watering your relationship. The saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side” but, this is only true when you stop watering and fertilizing your very own side.

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