My love story

Posted on: April 1, 2013

imagesAlthough we have known each other forever, I just recently realized who my love is. There were times where I hated my love. There were times when I wanted to change my love. There were times when I even wanted to kill my love. But my love survived, matured, and thrived. The love for my love has always been a work in progress. My love for my love is growing and people say nothing feels better than when you love this love. I understand this love and this love really wants to love me. Sometimes I don’t let it because sometimes I’m not ready. Sometimes people will come into our lives and love this love. They will try to pry you away from your love and try to get you to love them first and more. Sometimes you voluntarily love them more but, at the end of the day when they are gone you realize who your real love is. When it’s dark and lonely at night and no one is around you realize that this love is all you’ve had your whole life and all you need. The love for my love is the love that I have for myself.

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1 Response to "My love story"

*snaps* real talk, sir. People lose sight of how to love themselves while searching for someone to love them..

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