Coffee Shop Stranger

Posted on: October 2, 2016

​Sitting here…

Contemplating your age

No older than 27, no younger than 23

Contemplating that odor and smell

That fills up the room

As you walk in the room

As I stare

At you walking by

Maybe Chanel No. 5?
Contemplating when to make my move

When to begin to flirt with you?

When will be the right time to pursue?

Maybe after you order your coffee

Sitting here waiting…

As you stand in line

tick tock

Waiting to see what you order

tick tock

and see if you pay

cash or charge?
Waiting to see if you ever did see me

When you walked by me

Or at least saw me seeing you

Staring at you

Smelling you

As you walked by
Sitting here waiting 

Thinking, tinkering with my ice-breaker line

Should I come with a joke and smile 

Or simple salutation…”Hello, Hi” or “What’s Up?”

Or maybe “Hey, What kind of coffee did you get in your cup?”

Sitting here navigating

My eyes, into your eyes

Melodies of a Tony, Toni, Tone remix

Because you got them Pretty Green Eyes
Navigating my eyes down to your neck

Onto your back, down to your thigh

Wish you would turn around

Wish I could see more

Just have to use my hip, height to weight booty-ratio equation

In order to fulfill my lustful imagination
Navigating day-dreamed thoughts in my head

Of a possible future with you

On our first date walking hand in hand

And then I lean over and kiss you

Shaking my head…now back to reality

I’m just sitting here…Anticipating

Anticipating you getting your coffee

So that I can step up

Hoping not to choke and fuck this up
Anticipating the sweat that I always get when I spit my game

Anticipating the embarrassment of rejection, hoping not to look too lame

Anticipating the right thing to say

When is the right time to say, the right thing to say

What should I say, when I find the right time to say the right thing to say

…I don’t know
Sitting here contemplating, waiting, navigating, anticipating

As you walk by 

With a coffee in hand and a bright smile

As you stare at me?

As you walk to me?

And ice-break your “Can I sit down?” line to me

Then put your hand for support on my knee

As you sit down next to me?

Pinching myself because this is too good to be


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