I don’t want your ass, I want your heart

Posted on: October 7, 2016

I don’t want your ass

What I want is your heart

You see it has been said that

Men use love for sex

And Women use sex for love

Well this type of man is not me

And this type of women is not for me

I don’t want your ass

I want your heart

An ass is easy,

I can go anywhere and find two cheeks and a crack, that I can flip up and smack

Though it may not be as big as yours

In fact, I have an ass too

So why do I want yours

I want your heart

I need your heart

I want your emotions, when you are emotional

I want to be your love when you are in love

I want to be the dreams during your day, while you are day dreaming…all…day long

I want my love to be your desire

Something that can set your body into an orgasmic fire

And something you are willing to beg and die for

I don’t want your ass

I want your heart

Although I lay in bed and grab my self late at night

And dream of your round, thonged ass in my site

At the same time I am holding my chest

And wishing for a piece of your heart

Yes I want your lust

But what I need is your love

Why do all relationships start with ass

And never…heart?

Let us start differently

Be less ordinary

Try something new

Can we begin with heart

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