Posted on: October 11, 2016


Can you love someone who is not there,

who leaves you alone and does not care?

Can you love someone who is far away,

you ask them home but they will not stay?

Can you love someone who treats you bad,

and all the while they make you sad?

Can you love someone who doesn’t need you,

who doesn’t want your love, and doesn’t have a clue?

Can you love someone without saying a word,

they don’t even know or hear what others have heard?

Can you love someone who your friends don’t like,

they tell you to step away, but you put up a fight?

Can you love someone completely for what they are,

not just the idea of their money, job, or car?

Can you love someone of a another race,

even when your family feels he’s a disgrace?

Can you love someone who is dying of AIDS,

slowly away, you know they will fade?

Can you love someone who has no soul,

who’s heart is as hard and dark as a coal?

Can you love someone with a child or two,

knowing that their priority will never be you?

Can you love someone if they’re stuck in jail,

25 to life, you communicate by mail?

You can, because I have

You will, because I did.

You love someone because love tells you to

and sometimes because you want love too

Love is not fixed, flat, straight, simple or direct

It can confuse, craze and even distress

When you do find love remember to respect it,

Or you’ll be writing a poem about how you got rejected


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