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Is it just me or are more and more Los Angeles basketball fans hating the Lakers and loving the Clippers? This is more than just fans rooting for the underdog in the little brother of Los Angeles basketball. Loving the Clippers seem to be a grassroots movement of sorts started by young basketball fans who are tired of the ruling monarchy of Los Angeles basketball which is the Lakers. These new Clippers fans want to see a coup de’tat of king Kobe and the Lakers who have been ruling Los Angeles basketball for longer than Joe Paterno has been keeping secrets (I know too soon). Fans of new superstars in Bionic Blake Griffin and CP3, who have become more heroic to fans,  are hoping that an overthrow of power will soon shift in the Castle of Staples.

The one problem that I have with this whole shift in love to hate is best described in the words of L.A. native Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” It seems like  fans that will support both teams are few and far between. How is this even possible when the Lakers and Clippers aren’t even cross-town rivals. They both represent the same city, play in the same stadium, and on the same court. They share the same bed and sleep with the same women, the last of whom was Lamar Kardashian Odom. Thus, for the same reasons you cheer for one team should allow you to cheer for the other.

A true crosstown rivalry is USC vs UCLA. Yes both represent Los Angeles but both have different stadiums, no shared players, and there is a public school vs private school theme.  Understanding why one can side with one and not the other is far more logical to me.  Why fans must draw such a rigid line between the Lakers and Clippers is beyond me. Life is so much easier with more to love, than less to love.

While Clipper fans are distancing themselves from the Lakers, Laker fans are acting as elitetest. They feel that their little brothers are inferior to their team and that cheering for a team that has been the amongst the peasants of the NBA for years is absurd. Wake up Laker fans, the Clippers are moving up the NBA feudal ranks fast. Wake up Clipper fans and respect the many generations of Laker reign.


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