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Can you love someone who is not there,

who leaves you alone and does not care?

Can you love someone who is far away,

you ask them home but they will not stay?

Can you love someone who treats you bad,

and all the while they make you sad?

Can you love someone who doesn’t need you,

who doesn’t want your love, and doesn’t have a clue?

Can you love someone without saying a word,

they don’t even know or hear what others have heard?

Can you love someone who your friends don’t like,

they tell you to step away, but you put up a fight?

Can you love someone completely for what they are,

not just the idea of their money, job, or car?

Can you love someone of a another race,

even when your family feels he’s a disgrace?

Can you love someone who is dying of AIDS,

slowly away, you know they will fade?

Can you love someone who has no soul,

who’s heart is as hard and dark as a coal?

Can you love someone with a child or two,

knowing that their priority will never be you?

Can you love someone if they’re stuck in jail,

25 to life, you communicate by mail?

You can, because I have

You will, because I did.

You love someone because love tells you to

and sometimes because you want love too

Love is not fixed, flat, straight, simple or direct

It can confuse, craze and even distress

When you do find love remember to respect it,

Or you’ll be writing a poem about how you got rejected


Do you believe your lover? Do you really believe them? I’m not talking about believing them when they said they haven’t cheated on you or why they were home late from hanging with their friends. I’m talking about when they tell you something that may seem irrational or off the wall, and something that you really don’t understand or even have even phathomed. Something very personal and vulnerable like them saying, “Babe, the reason why I was upset was not because you were talking to her, it was because you were not talking to me” or “I’m not upset that you spent the money, I’m just upset that you didn’t ask me first” or even “I’m not upset that you still talk to your ex, I’m just upset that you haven’t told them about me


The reason why NotTheDonny brings up this subject is because sometimes we as lovers use our own personal experiences and personal feelings to define our lover’s feelings.  Sometimes it makes more sense for us to project what is in our heads or what has been our experience on to our lovers because it is what is familiar to us. To really understand your lover we must listen to their words and try to understand what they are feeling. No matter how foreign of a feeling or emotion they are trying to express us is at the moment, it is imperative that we at least try to speak and understand their emotional language. Even if you don’t understand or simply don’t believe what is being told to you at first,  if your lover has any credibility at all it just might be best to try to believe what is being said anyways. As lovers, this is just as important as any relationship task.

The understanding between lovers is a long and ever learning task. When  conquered understanding is a beautiful feeling and moment, even if we disagree with our lover’s feeling or feel the feeling is simply crazy. Crazy people want to be understood too and understanding, at the very least, puts lovers on the same page emotionally.

For me!? Really you nominated me?

Speech, ah-hem… I would like to thank all my readers especially Full Time Gangsta for the love and the nomination.

With this nomination comes responsibilities that I must uphold in order to fulfill the Versatile Blogger Awards Duties.

Firstly I must thank my nominator Full Time Gangsta . Thank you and check out her sexy, entertaining blog. DO IT!!!

Secondly I must reveal seven random things about myself:

  1. I work the grave yard shift and the dude behind gets away with falling asleep every night snoring.
  2. I do 90% of my blogging while at work. Shout out to all the taxpayers out there paying me to blog!!!
  3. At 33 I club more now than I ever have in my life and I turn red when I drink alcohol (Asian Glow). Popping Bottles!!! Although, I never ever meet girls in the club.
  4. I once drove to San Diego then to Vegas, and spent two days there on a first date extravaganza. I always wondered what ever happened to whats-her-name…
  5. I’ve never had a one-night-stand or seen a donkey show but, came close to having a 3-some
  6. I’ve been skydiving and want to go again. Actually I call it skyflying.
  7. I’m bad with favorites. I don’t have a favorite color, food, car, style, girl. But I do have a favorite pair of underwear and socks.
Thirdly I must nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve this very prestigious award. Thus I nominate:

Being that the Twitter generation has destroyed our capacity for reading anything longer than 140 characters, I will try to explain the difference between love and care by describing the differences in their actions:

Love  makes you send a good morning and goodnight text/call – Care allows you to forget that you havent spoke in a couple of day.

Love will bring you home everynight – Care may find you in a new home everynight.

Love pays the check – Care splits the check


Love gives messages, rubs feet, and does bubblebaths – Care gives gift cards for a 1hour message

Love cuddles after sex – Care watches Tv after sex

Love gives undeserving compliments – Care tells you that you really look ugly in that dress

When a woman hits a man it’s called a “love tap”. When a man hits a woman it’s called “domestic violence”. 

Females strippers are allowed to use poles as a prop. Male strippers have no such luxury and have to gyrate in the middle of the floor without the help of any props

Women are allowed to wear tights/leggings to to show what they are working with in order to attract others.  But, if a man were to wear tights to show off his package he would be considered a perve.

Men dont have the luxury of using their Period to go home from work early, to not have sex, and be moody and bitchy.

Two men having sex makes them look unmasculine. Two women having sex can still look feminine.

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