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01love-sweet-love_largeLove is defined as the intense feeling of deep affection. Danger is defined as the possibility of suffering harm or injury. With that being said, NottheDonny is demanding that you LOVE DANGEROUSLY.

When love does come your way love it like you have nothing else. Throw away your past fears and experiences. Remember your mistakes but, try to forget anything that holds you back. It’s the only way to love and the right way to love.

I’m not about that safe love. I’m not with that inhibited and fearful love. I’m with that love were passion is at the maximum and your emotions are full throttle. Where you are lost in love and nothing else matters.

Love them so much that it hurts. Love them so much that you smile for no reason. Text them even when you have nothing to say. Call them and ask what they are doing when you already know what the hell they are doing. Don’t think…feel.

Celebrate your anniversary monthly. Remember the first kiss and save shit.  When you hold hands don’t let go.  Call them baby, honey,  papi,  or what ever else comes out during sex.

Love them jealously. Love them even if you’re not ready.  Love them irrationally with your heart on fire. Love them more than yourself. Love them even when your friends and family says no. Love them into debt. Love like a fool…move,  quit your job,  and drop out of school. Have baby-making sex… don’t wait for the results of the test.

Because if you don’t I’m next … and I will. I bet then you wished that you loved to kill.


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