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He doesnt give you what you want,  I do

But,  the words you said to him were,  “I do”

Marriage is not what you thought it was, I understand I do

So late nights you visit me pretending we said, “I do”

Secret lovers we are,  I admit I do

Confused you come and ask if I love and I say, “Baby,  I do!”

I do love u.  You cant change my heart or what I do

Patiently  I wait for you,  I do

Hoping that you leave him,  I do

But the cycle continues and you always go back, you do











It’s just like PTSD

Love can cause trauma when there’s infidelity

They cheated on you while you were busy loving them

Naive,  now sorry that u even meet them

You gave them everything and some more

Even bought them everything in the damn store

Dont know whether to hate them or yourself

They took everything away from you that you considered wealth

Trust,  loyalty,  intimacy,  support

But they rejected you,  like lebron did iggy on the court

Now lost emotio1333701159741244nally witbout emotions

You sit alone at the beach alone with the oceans

Your  breath feels heavy,  you cry dry tears

Because you cried so much its only been a week but, it felt like years

First time you ever felt like dying

Now, as you lay alone crying

What to do now,  you just don’t fucking know

Thought you had a plan and was ready to go….

But the plane crashed in tragedy

Now the destination’s unknown

Every 5 minutes u stare and check the stupid phone

Waiting for a call that will never, ever come

An apology,  a good excuse, a misunderstanding

But,  everything was perfectly understood

Fact is,  they don’t love you and probably never did

They don’t love any more, you too wish you never did

Who knew love could cause trauma

Who knew love could kill

Who knew love could be used by the devil, to break someones will

Your heart needs a cast

Your brain wants to forget

You want to stop thinking about the revenge u want to get

Who knew love could cause trauma

Who knew a life could turn mute

Who knew love could kill

Who knew love could just drive by and shoot

Your hands are up and for once you welcome death

Would rather have that than taking another crying breath









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