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Yeah I can love her again, but I would regret it

Sure I could love her but, I was rejected

So I forget it

So I leave it

So I let it rot and hope flies come eat it

She knows it

She sees it

But, she thinks I’m the same

Not today bitch, I’m winning this game

If only I had a gun you know where I would aim

… But that would be too easy

Im here to torture, I want to hear you scream

Im after you in your nightmares,  im killing your dreams

This is not just hate, this is revenge

Now its my turn to get on top and ascend

I don’t care where you end up now

I don’t care if you die

Don’t even care about your son

… and that used to be my guy

Fuck your goals, fuck pride

Fuck your shit,  Fuck this ride

I’m going to make sure that you don’t have a single thing

…and when you cry, it’s going to sound like angels sing

Fuck being the bettter man

I rather hate you all I can

Right up to the edge of insanity

Hoping that you never again feel vanity

Because your soul is cold and your heart is dark

You killed my dreams, kidnapped heart

Revenge is joy

Revenge is sweet

Oh,  here you come now dragging your fucking feet

What do you have to say?

What lie will you tell?

She says,  “Im sorry I know I belong in hell”

“You’ve done so much for me,  In love I wish I would’ve fell”

“But I used you and drained you dry… “,  as she leans on me and starts to cry…

Then I start to cry and realize that im stuck in this trap

Instead of avoiding it I just layed down in crap

Then rolled in it over and over

Shaking my head because I know it’s not over

It felt good to hate but, love is not easy to quit

Becareful who you love, she’ll have you trained like a dog, “SIT!”





Oh so I see,

What you want you have already had

What you seek, you have already seen

Your need was once satisfied but now no longer

So you hunger…

Maybe even wonder…

Wonder if you could ever get it back again

Hiding your true feelings and saying, “I just want to be friends”

Hunger for what was

Not realizing that what was, is still a “was”

And will never be an “is”, even if Webster made an editorial correction and changed the definition

So keep longing

Keep waiting

Stay in that state of mental larva

Only knowing what you know and pretending like what was, is

Never feeling the growing metamorphiszing into a stage 2 caterpillar

That growing, growing, growing, into eventual butterfly

And eventual Knowing, knowing, knowledge of reality and life

But butterflies only live less than a short year

So, maybe this is your fear

That maybe your one year will be hard and lonely

But the key word is “live”

And this “live” is what should be your “is”

Remember, few get the change to live as beautiful as a butterfly

Less get the chance to fly

But if you really want to live

Fly away butterfly, fly

tumblr_mg6gn8kqNU1qdkmp5o1_500Feelings of inadequacy, less than a man

A feeling that is not the usual
A feeling that I just cant stand

Down graded to a little year-old boy
Sucking my thumb, breast feeding, playing with toys

I try to stand yet I get pushed down
Sometimes to my knee
Other-times down to the ground

My handsomeness turns in to cute
My strength evens becomes weak
My motivation turns to procrastination
My eyes only see blind

You intimidate me
Its not your beauty, I have had finer
Its not your money, I can be Bill Gates Co-signer
Its not your experience, I can write a how-to book

Its just the things that you do
That I also do
But you are better

I am no competition in certain areas of the mind
You just leave me stumped, with nothing to say
In aw that you even know, what you know
Things that I dont even know
Or have even heard of

Once felt educated, on top of things, knowledgeable
Once felt advanced, expertise, and right
Now feelings of idiocy, ignorance and noviceness
This is a feeling that I’m trying to fiight

Approximately 835,000 men yearly are victims of domestic violence, and this doesn’t include the unreported cases. This blog is intended for those men who have been victims of domestic violence in the past or feel they are in a relationship with a volatile woman, also known as psycho-chick. This blog is dearly needed because, as lovers of psycho-chicks, us men all know that our psycho-chicks generally like to start fights with us, beat us up, but then will go to the police and act like they themselves are the victim. The following self-defense techniques for men will help prevent physical confrontation between psycho-chicks and their man.

Deescalation Techniques

It is highly recommended that you consider deescalating the situation, especially when the psycho-chic is bigger than you, or she can simply beat you up.

The Audience Is Listening – If you are in public consider yourself lucky because you have an audience and subsequently witnesses. But, beware of the embarrassment that will ensuse when someone posts the video on youtube or worldstarhiphop. In public it is best to not further embarrass yourself by keeping quiet and simply nodding.

Shutting up – In her active stage of psychosis and rage, what ever words come out of your mouth she is gonna believe is a lie. So, you might just want to let her talk herself out, and have her get everything off of her chest. At this time there are some safety tips to be aware of. Beaware of the personal space between you two. A general rule of safety is 3 feet, anything closer than that and you are in the danger zone. Also, Beaware of her fingers and her finger pointing. As women go off on their man they like to point and wave their fingers in the man’s face.  Be aware of accidental eye pokes, and of a woman’s favorite finger attack which is pushing the forhead back with the finger.

Counter Techniques

Splish Splash – Make sure the water is cold and throw water on her. This technique is best used after she has already started to physically assault you. The water will momentarily disable her and put her in a state of shock, wondering if you really just threw cold water on her. After a few seconds of shock she will be initially be more angry than before but she will be so focused on how messed up her hair got that she will leave the room to find the nearest mirror.  This gives you time to flee the vicinity.

Retreating Techniques

Room Run – After a few blows from the psycho, you will feel an urge to hit her back but please refrain. Run to the nearest room, preferably one with a TV so you wont be bored, and lock the door. Do not leave the room until said psycho chick is in a stable manner.

Dinner Table Dance – Since 69% of all violent arguments between psycho chicks and their man occurs in the kitchen, there is most likely a dinner table near by. If your psycho chick runs after you you may use the dinner table as a barrier to create distance between you and her. Be sure to stay directly across from the table from her and be prepared to duck from anything she may throw at you.

Distractions Techniques:

That’s my show – This technique wont work for normal woman but for psycho women it is very effective. She will become distracted by the tv and eventually her anger will subside. If you feel this is an effective for yourself save her favorite shows on your DVR for this specific situation. Depending on the length of the show and how mad your psycho-chick is, you may need to combine this techniques with another distraction technique or retreat technique.

That’s our song – When this technique is used her anger will slowly turn into tears. She will still be angry at but will not be violent. She will slowly remember why she fell in love with you and be more open to normal arguing than fighting. If she begins to sing you know the technique has worked effectively.

As daters of psycho-chicks we must be prepared for any ratchet consequence that may possibly ensue.


“I broke up with them because…” is Not The Donny’s new blog series that will delve into various factors that contributed to a breakup. In this inaugural article, I broke up with them because they  didn’t know how to kiss.

Kissing is important. So important that Philematologists (people who study kissing) have created an area of science called philematology to study it. Kissing is seemingly simple yet it can communicate many different things and can evoke many different emotions. The way we kiss someone let’s them know how much we care for them and how close, and intimate we feel. Kissing can evoke feelings of love, passion, or sex.  Some lovers think that kissing is overrated and just an unnecessary step to sex. Other lovers crave kissing their partner and find kissing as a way of bonding and as a form of foreplay.

Yes, I broke up with them because they didn’t know how to kiss. Two incompatible kissers are like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, it’s just not going to work out right. Things can become even worse when your partner believes they are a good kisser and wants to kiss all the time. Thus, torture ensues. For educational purposes, the following are the five most commonly kissing mistakes people make.

1. Yes, too much tongue is a bad thing. Stop suffocating your lover with your tongue and stop licking all over the corers of their mouths. Liberal use of tongue is good, but too much is excessive.

2. If someone is kissing you kiss them back. Their is nothing worse than kissing someone who doesn’t kiss back. It feels as if you are kissing a dead person.

3. Too much kissing is not a good thing, even if you are a really good kisser. Kissing is should  be used to seduce, entice, and arouse your partner into bigger and better horizontal bedroom activities. So peck, smooch, kiss and move on to the next.

4. Ummm are you trying to eat me? This one is pretty self explanatory. Use your lips, feel with your tongue, only bite when prompted.

5. If your breath is so bad that your teeth move out the way when you speak, it is impossible for you to be a good kisser. Lovers, freshen up a bit and use those mints prior to engaging in kissing.

The above can be a make-or-break question for some lovers, or a rhetorical one for others. But, getting a room to culminate Valentine’s day is necessary. If not prepared, a “yes” answer can lead to wasted time of city searching for a suitable place to spend the night. Fear not my blog readers! Here are some well established places where you can end your night sexually romantically.

The Snooty Fox 

The Snooty Fox has a couple of locations in the Los Angeles Area. Both are similar to one another with their trashy  unique personality and are landscaped with beautiful California palm trees. Once you get passed the faint smell of used K-Y, you will notice fairly clean rooms and plenty of off-white towels. At under $45 dollars for a night, and $12 dollars hourly, the Snooty Fox is perfect for those planning love on a budget.


Mirrors on the ceiling and walls

Tourists from all around come to visit the Fox

Baldwin Hills Motor Inn

A local favorite of mine many, the Baldwin Hills Motor Inn is the Snooty Fox’s little brother, and is located off the busy intersection of La Brea and Jefferson. Surrounded by Popeye’s Chicken and Jack N The Box, this Inn has all the amenities cheap motel goers need. If you are feeling extra frisky,  walk outside to La Brea Ave and  shop among the several street walkers in order to find  a trois member for your night. I personally recommend LaQuisha or  Brandy, former known as Brandon.

The Snooty Fox's little brother

No monkey business here

You get what you pay for

The Mustang Inn

Yee-Haw! Located directly across the street from the Snooty Fox, the Mustang Inn is not just for cowboys and cowgirls. Aside from the local Western Ave patrons, this establishment is often  frequented by cheating businessmen meeting their young secretaries or by off-duty police officers looking to have a good time. I don’t know about you but, any place good enough for businessmen and the po-po’s is good enough for me.  For $80 a night or $25 per hour you can even get a room with a heart shaped tub.

Right across from the Snooty Fox

Mirror, mirror on the wall...and ceiling

accessories sold separately

For those of you who rely on a little more than what your momma gives you for your weekly for allowance, try out these venues.

Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn is well worth the 3.5 hour drive to San Luis Obispo. With a 4 out of 5 star rating on Yelp, this establishment is perfect for any Lover’s taste. The Madonna Inn specializes in themed rooms with every room providing a different experience.  Rooms rates go around $200 to $500 per night. If staying more than than one night I would suggest booking different rooms for each night. Use your imagination.

The famous rock shower


French suite

Jungle Room

Lucky Rock Room

Celestial Room

Bubblegum Room

Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

Located right across the street from the Grove shopping center, the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel is one of West Hollywood’s best kept secret. The farm themed hotel with is not cheap with an average price of around $190 per night. But, what separates this boutique hotel from the others mentioned above is its combination of cleanliness, location, and it’s restaurant “Tart”.

Ceiling mirror

Rock the night away

"Don't ask, don't tell" room

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