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Back at one I found my self chasing waterfalls in the form of a big booty and a smile. Yeah i was just a scrub feenin.  But what was I to do,  I walked for 2 1/2 years after end of the road, and I still couldn’t let go.

Lonely,  I found my self throwing bills,  bills, bills at Ms. Poison, the star of the show. She knew how to get it and go back, back, forth and forth. We had a good business relationship and I didn’t see anything wrong with paying for a bump and grind lap dance. But, I wanted more.

At 7 O’Clock on the dot on a nice and slow night I asked, can we talk for a minute? I said, tell me if you want me to…give you all my time, I promise to be good to you. She said her time was money but, I was willing to pay.

As she danced and I was feeling on her booty, I asked her a little sumthin-sumthin. She said she was just waiting to exhale like every other girl.  Said, she didn’t know what real love was but, heard that’s just the way love goes. Dancing was on the down low, her little secret and no one needs to see it.

I Asked, is this where you want to be? She said, can’t you see, you and me are from different places. When a woman’s fed up and twisted in the rain, she has to find a way to g.h.e.t.t.o.u.t.

As song #3 began…

I gave her another way and said, let’s get married. She responded coldly, what’s so different?  Don’t take it personal but, when the water runs dry I’ll be begging you to unbreak my heart, while living at the heartbreak hotel and singing I’m going down. And, if I ever fall in love again it wouldn’t be with someone like you.

Wondering if she’s playing hard to get I said, the difference is Cupid! Like 90’s R&B I know what real love is. Do you remember the time? Real love is about only you, being weak in the knees, best friends, dreamlovers, and baby I promise to be with you so why would I let this thing go. It’s about the first night, where you are so anxious, and there is no such thing as being too close.

She said I was, killing me softly with his song. By now I knew her body’s calling for me. She said she was so in to me. You’re making me high. Are I that somebody, she asked? I said, lady I will cry for you tonight and even tomorrow. Tell me what you want, tell me what you need. With a blank “untitled” look on her face she asked, how does it feel. I asked, what? She said, Love…is it a sweet fantasy? Tell me it’s real.

Not to brag but, my love is the shhhh! When I love you mean the world to me, I call you my baby-baby-baby,  and there is no ex-factor because he can’t love you like I love you.  

She said, can you come over and show me how deep is your love for me? If you show me this love, I will even waive my extra fee. I said, you make me wanna….then I paused…because the walk back to the end of the road alone would be a lost cause.

I know she is poison, and they say not to trust her. But this is 90’s R&B love, you know SWV, Mariah, and Usher.



It’s just like PTSD

Love can cause trauma when there’s infidelity

They cheated on you while you were busy loving them

Naive,  now sorry that u even meet them

You gave them everything and some more

Even bought them everything in the damn store

Dont know whether to hate them or yourself

They took everything away from you that you considered wealth

Trust,  loyalty,  intimacy,  support

But they rejected you,  like lebron did iggy on the court

Now lost emotionally witbout emotions

You sit alone at the beach alone with the oceans

Your  breath feels heavy,  you cry dry tears

Because you cried so much its only been a week but, it felt like years

First time you ever felt like dying

Now, as you lay alone crying

What to do now,  you just don’t fucking know

Thought you had a plan and was ready to go….

But the plane crashed in tragedy

Now the destination’s unknown

Every 5 minutes u stare and check the stupid phone

Waiting for a call that will never, ever come

An apology,  a good excuse, a misunderstanding

But,  everything was perfectly understood

Fact is,  they don’t love you and probably never did

They don’t love any more, you too wish you never did

Who knew love could cause trauma

Who knew love could kill

Who knew love could be used by the devil, to break someones will

Your heart needs a cast

Your brain wants to forget

You want to stop thinking about the revenge u want to get

Who knew love could cause trauma

Who knew a life could turn mute

Who knew love could kill

Who knew love could just drive by and shoot

Your hands are up and for once you welcome death

Would rather have that than taking another crying breath


So i front

So i lie

So i pretend to be that cool guy

Pretend to be that nice guy

Acting like I only want to be friends guy

Even though I see more in my big eyes

No, this is not a game

I’m not playing around acting lame

I’m just cruising in the slow lane while you are in the fast

Hoping that you will look over before you drive past

And notice me the way I notice you

And look at me the way I look at you

But, you’re in the fast lane with your passenger seat reserved

Loyal but, hurt when you found he has another her

Now driving fast to a destination that’s unknown

Now flying fast to a different time zone

If ever you pull over or are ready to land

I’ll be waiting here ready just to hold your hand

Ready to give you anything that you ever need

Ready to perform for you any deed

Even if it’s just for a single night stop

When you take off again… I’ll just start this poem over from the top

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