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Back at one I found my self chasing waterfalls in the form of a big booty and a smile. Yeah i was just a scrub feenin.  But what was I to do,  I walked for 2 1/2 years after end of the road, and I still couldn’t let go.

Lonely,  I found my self throwing bills,  bills, bills at Ms. Poison, the star of the show. She knew how to get it and go back, back, forth and forth. We had a good business relationship and I didn’t see anything wrong with paying for a bump and grind lap dance. But, I wanted more.

At 7 O’Clock on the dot on a nice and slow night I asked, can we talk for a minute? I said, tell me if you want me to…give you all my time, I promise to be good to you. She said her time was money but, I was willing to pay.

As she danced and I was feeling on her booty, I asked her a little sumthin-sumthin. She said she was just waiting to exhale like every other girl.  Said, she didn’t know what real love was but, heard that’s just the way love goes. Dancing was on the down low, her little secret and no one needs to see it.

I Asked, is this where you want to be? She said, can’t you see, you and me are from different places. When a woman’s fed up and twisted in the rain, she has to find a way to g.h.e.t.t.o.u.t.

As song #3 began…

I gave her another way and said, let’s get married. She responded coldly, what’s so different?  Don’t take it personal but, when the water runs dry I’ll be begging you to unbreak my heart, while living at the heartbreak hotel and singing I’m going down. And, if I ever fall in love again it wouldn’t be with someone like you.

Wondering if she’s playing hard to get I said, the difference is Cupid! Like 90’s R&B I know what real love is. Do you remember the time? Real love is about only you, being weak in the knees, best friends, dreamlovers, and baby I promise to be with you so why would I let this thing go. It’s about the first night, where you are so anxious, and there is no such thing as being too close.

She said I was, killing me softly with his song. By now I knew her body’s calling for me. She said she was so in to me. You’re making me high. Are I that somebody, she asked? I said, lady I will cry for you tonight and even tomorrow. Tell me what you want, tell me what you need. With a blank “untitled” look on her face she asked, how does it feel. I asked, what? She said, Love…is it a sweet fantasy? Tell me it’s real.

Not to brag but, my love is the shhhh! When I love you mean the world to me, I call you my baby-baby-baby,  and there is no ex-factor because he can’t love you like I love you.  

She said, can you come over and show me how deep is your love for me? If you show me this love, I will even waive my extra fee. I said, you make me wanna….then I paused…because the walk back to the end of the road alone would be a lost cause.

I know she is poison, and they say not to trust her. But this is 90’s R&B love, you know SWV, Mariah, and Usher.



Dating a stripper is no one’s first choice. But, we sometimes skip our moral senses and choose to. Not The Donny is not here to judge. We are here to simply tell it like it is and give several reasons when dating a stripper is perfectly OK. This applies to both men and women.

After a divorce or after your partner cheated on you. Usually after this happens you are at the strip club a lot anyways so it is pretty easy to get friendly with the likes of “Diamond” or “Alize”. If dating her/him helps you get out of your little depressive funk then it’s all good.

STD positive
. If you are STD positive you already have a lot in common with the stripper you are tossing dollar bills at. Plus, it’s not like you are going to give them something they don’t already have.

Senior Citizens. That’s right! If you are 55 and older it is perfectly fine and in fact encouraged to date a stripper. It is fine because doing so will help you feel young, vibrant, and rejuvenated, and encouraged because sex is said to help you live longer.

When you are ugly. Let’s face it, the ugly have a very limited dating pool to choose from. Thus, if a you are ugly and a stripper likes you, go for it. You might not get another chance.

Turning a hoe into a housewife. If you are in love with a stripper and are 100% committed into turning them into a housewife/househusband then I say go for it. I commend you.

If the stripper makes more money that you. Someone needs to pay the bills and if said stripper is willing let them.

Forreal-Forreal. In all seriousness it’s OK if you are prepared to deal with the jealously, negative attention, stigma and the possible backlash from friends and family. If you are prepared to take it very slow emotionally, and accepting of her and what she does then it’s ok.

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